Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My future work life

Basically I have concept for work life which is no discrimination, improving our skills, and respect each workers during workers. I never have had same situation, it is like in our texts. I do not think I face these situations in my future.

I have learned a lot of situations in work place, it is not only U.S. It happen in the world. Actually, I did not how bad campany Wal-Mart is in U.S. Unfortunately, I might be on the side of Wal-Mart because my major is Business. Therefore, I alway think about business profit and cost, I understand why Wal Mart did that.

However, I have policy to work. I have to provide good work conditions that worker enjoy to work, and making good profit as a company in my work place, even though it is really hard. I could make one think anew about how important we have a good relationship with workers form this class.

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  1. This situation is hard of imagine. I never tough i would happen here, but for 3 world countries it is kind of normal. Bussiness owners just think in profit that would be the same that anyone making money would think.