Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My future work life

Basically I have concept for work life which is no discrimination, improving our skills, and respect each workers during workers. I never have had same situation, it is like in our texts. I do not think I face these situations in my future.

I have learned a lot of situations in work place, it is not only U.S. It happen in the world. Actually, I did not how bad campany Wal-Mart is in U.S. Unfortunately, I might be on the side of Wal-Mart because my major is Business. Therefore, I alway think about business profit and cost, I understand why Wal Mart did that.

However, I have policy to work. I have to provide good work conditions that worker enjoy to work, and making good profit as a company in my work place, even though it is really hard. I could make one think anew about how important we have a good relationship with workers form this class.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

In conduction my interview

During my interview, I have noticed some thing about my interviewee. I was also surprised my interview as a my friend. She was strong to have her opinions. She generally understood why she is working because she was answering my questions in a clear and firm tone of voice, quickly. She told me she work only for money and she does not care about what her boss thinks about her. However, suddenly she was slow down to speaking when I asked about her private time. She worked 6 day a week. For example, I asked what do you to have fun in your off. She was laughing to answer that "I'm trying to have fun". I knew that could not because she has to do the house work in her off. I felt he is really tired emotionally.

Friday, May 29, 2009

In United State of the similar case of The Take

There is the Famous Republic Windows and Doors story: 260 workers occupied their plant for 6 world-shaking days in Chicago last Decenmber. With a savvy campaign against the company's biggest creditor, Bank of America (" You got bailed out, we got sold out") and massive international solidarity, they won the severance they were owed. And more-the plant is re-opening under new ownership, making energy-efficient windows with all the workers hired back at their old wages.

This is one of the similar cases, but there are so many cases in the world after recession, then many workers are losing jobs. The owners of a big firms have to close factories, but they also have take care of workers of the factory.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

History of strike

I have remembered a famous strike in New York City because I cannot imagine that my country. Three years and half ago, MTA went on strike in NYC. I did not believe that because if they do, people can not move without a subway. Also their strike was illegal, so they were really serious. In my country, some companies sometimes strike, but I don't think their seriously go on strike because workers think about consumers that they should not make trouble with customers. On the other hand, companies exploit their feeling.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A stranger's touch

This is a great article which is very related our topic, but that's terrible situations, like a walmart and Nickel and dimed because the owners are cheating worker out of wages. The owners take advantage of immigrant's weakness that they do not have working visa.
First of all, I do not like the title because they are not stranger, they are working for surviving. Even though you do not know them and they do not speak English, they just working.
Secondly, I could imagine this situation more than we read book and watched movies because this incident is in Manhattan. Even though I have never been to a spa, I heard this situations from my friends. I know nowadays beauty business a spa, massages and pedicures have large market share in NYC. For example, I have a friend, she love to have pedicures. She go to have pedicures once a week. She told me some workers do no speak English in Harlem, but it is cheap. I understand pedicure is only painting on nail. Even though workers do not professionals, they can work.
i think I know this situations before taking this class. I can feel very familiar to these work conditions. On the other hand, I think Manhattan is difference because wage is more higher than other cities. Even though owners cheat workers out of wages, I think most worker do not complain the wages because its enough.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Re Essay 3 questions

Research Questions
How effect do you think globalization for your job?
How emotional labors and globalization deal in your work?

Interview Questions
Why did you decide to come to USA?
What different is to work here than your country? How?
What do you think your wage?
How do you spend your free time? Do you enjoy?
What do you think your boss wants you to do?
Do you worry about what your boss and coworkers think about you?
Do you have good relationship with your boss and coworkers?
What do you feel comfortable or not? When? Why?
What is the most happiness things during working?
Why do you work here? How do you feel?
Do you feel any contradictions?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post 6: Essay 3 Questions

Research question
The question is clearly to know how effective your jobs is for others?
For example,
How effective is your job for global economy?
How is your job helping on around the community?
What do you think your job will be able to change issues, environments, work situations and
some discriminations if there is something in your work place?
What do you want to do neighborhood in your work place while you are working?

Interview questions
The question is about your feeling during working. I need to know your work situation for your coworkers, your boss and yourself. I focus worker's emotion.
For example,
What you think your boss wants you to do?
Do you worry about what your boss and coworkers think about you?
What do you feel comfortable or not?When? Why?
What is most happiness things during working?
Why do you work here? How do you feel?
Do you feel any contradiction?